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Mount Hood National Forest Lakes

Updated: Jun 20

A list of lakes in Mount Hood National Forest with links to the posts of the ones I've been to.

Shellrock Lake

Mount Hood National Forest is located in Oregon. It includes one cascade mountain - Mount Hood. The national forest is broken into four ranger districts: Barlow Ranger District, Clackamas River Ranger District, Hood River Ranger District, and Zigzag Ranger District. The National Forest also manages the Colombia River Gorge National Scenic Area. 

Barlow Ranger District includes Badger Creek Wilderness and Lower White River Wilderness.

Hood River Ranger District includes part of Mount Hood Wilderness, Mark O Hatfield Wilderness and Colombia River Gorge National Scenic Area

Clackamas River Ranger District includes Roaring River Wilderness, Clackamas Wilderness, Bull of the Woods Wilderness, and Olallie Lake Scenic Area.

Zigzag Ranger District includes part of Mount Hood Wilderness, Salmon-Huckleberry Wilderness, and Bull Run Watershed Management Unit (closed to public entry).

A Mount Hood Climbing permit is now required above 9500 ft in Mount Hood Wilderness. Most wilderness areas have a free self-issue permit at the start of trailheads where required.

From my research, I have listed 127 lakes. Places like the Olallie Scenic Area has an abundance of lakes, ponds, and tiny bodies of water. So I marked the distinguishable ones. My list is as complete as I could get it, but I’m sure I’m still missing a few.

How I classify lakes

I am not very picky about the criteria I use for marking a body of water as a lake. I use the word “lake” loosely and as an all encompassing word. It includes lakes, reservoirs, glacier tarns, ponds, seasonal bodies of water, etc. 

I also mark lakes that don’t have names and I title them Lake:Coordinates (ex. Lake 44.7875, -121.8075). While I list all lakes alphabetically I keep unnamed lakes together at the bottom of my spreadsheets and don’t list them under L for lake.

My main requirement is that I’m able to see a body of water on a satellite map, or the appearance of there having been one if it seems dry. I add it to my list to explore and check out. 


How it all began

My goal

There are multiple ways to explore the lakes list:

  • By name - in alphabetical order or by ranger district

  • Spreadsheet - with all pertinent information

  • Map

Progress: 28%

Below are all the lakes in Mount Hood National Forest. I made two tabs where you can either look for a lake in alphabetical order or by ranger district. 


List of Lakes (alphabetically)

*Olallie Scenic Area

List of Lakes (by ranger district or wilderness area)


Spreadsheet & CalTopo Map

I created a spreadsheet with all the location information I wanted when I initially started looking for lakes in Mount Hood National Forest.

I haven't put in any trail or distance information unless it's one I've been to so that it's as accurate as possible. I linked the list below.

The Google Maps further down the page is easier to access and use to navigate to posts and get basic information. I also have a map of the lakes in CalTopo which is a better platform for planning routes and printing maps which I linked below as well.

Forest Service

Stocked Lakes


Yellow - Lakes I have been to and I have a post about

Red - Lakes I haven't been to yet or don't have a post about

Orange - Lakes I haven't been to due to fire closures

Green - Outside forest service boundary

My Wild Adventure is not responsible for your safety, any possible injury, or anything that happens if you choose to follow anything on this website. Maps are not intended to be used for navigational purposes, but to give an overview of the route taken. By going outdoors you are solely responsible to know your strengths and limitations, be aware of current conditions and proceed with the appropriate caution. My Wild Adventure is not responsible for your choices and the outcome. Reference my disclaimer for more information on being responsible outdoors.

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