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Bump Lake

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

A tucked away lake near NF-46 in Mount Hood National Forest.

Bump Lake

Lake Name: Bump Lake Lake Coordinates: 44.8497, -121.8451 Lake Elevation: 4300′ Access: Drive up Note: There is no information I could find online about Bump Lake. I note coordinate points and the road route to access the lake below. Date: 7-6-20

The road to the lake had tons of downed trees that had been recently cut. It was passable and quite an exciting adventure. I drove to the end of the road and could faintly see the lake off through the forest. I parked and was glad to be the only one there. There was a large fire pit with tons of beer cans in it. It looked like it had been recently used (probably over the last weekend).

It was a short walk downhill to the lake. I’d started to make my way down when I was met with mosquitoes, so I went back to my truck and put mosquito repellent on. They didn’t bother me after that.

There wasn’t really a trail down to the lake, but the forest floor was bare and open. It was easy to walk through and see where I was going. I came to the lake’s edge. There were some campsite looking areas near the lake. As I walked to the lakes edge there were a lot of butterflies and some dragonflies dancing along the water. It was rather pretty. The lake was good sized and rather clear. I didn’t try to walk all the way around the lake. I just went to the edge and then back to my truck. I think this would be a cool place to come back to camp.


  • FS 350 turn off from FS 46: 44.85863, -121.86463

  • FS 350 turns into FS 370: 44.85693, -121.85084

  • Gate (potentially seasonal): 44.85671, -121.85014

  • Parking at end of road: 44.85087, -121.84620

  • Open lake edge near campsite: 44.85037, -121.84534


How to get there (from Estacada, OR)



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