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Teacup Lake

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

A small lake in the TeacupNordic trail system in Mount Hood National Forest.

Teacup Lake

Lake Name: Teacup Lake Lake Coordinates: 45.3167, -121.6267 Lake Elevation: 4373′ Access: Ski trails/road Distance: 0.8 miles (round trip) Elevation range: 4300′ to 4400′ Ascent/Descent: +63 ft / -41 ft Trail Type: In and out Trails: Snow Park Access Trail, Hood River Road, Lakeside Trail Note: I couldn’t find the Teacup Lake Trail #677, so I followed some ski trails and a road to get to the lake. Date hike was done: 6-18-20

There is supposedly a Teacup Lake Trail #677, but I couldn’t find it. I parked at the Teacup Lake Sno-Park along side the highway. I saw that there were ski trails on my Gaia GPS map. I found one of the trails and followed it. Turns out there was a connecting trail right at the start of the parking area that would have made the hike a bit shorter. I have noted the coordinates below.

I only saw two other people while I was out. I followed the “trail” and it came out by a building. There was a bit of a marshy area that had crates set over it to walk across. When I got to the building, the trail met up with Hood River Road. It was a well kept gravel road. There was a gate at the entrance of it by the highway that was closed so there were no cars on it. I followed the road until it met up with the Lakeside Trail (another gravel road) and quickly came upon Teacup Lake. It was a cute little lake. It was very reflective and looked more like I was looking into the sky than into a lake.

I took the same trails back except I took the first cut off trail to the parking area which made for a shorter hike.

I’m not so sure if the area is technically open. In the winter it’s a Nordic Ski area and there is a fee. There weren’t any signs that explicitly said to keep out. I’d recommend using your own judgement to determine whether it feels right to you.

How to get there (from Sandy, OR)


Trail System Map


  • Red Line – route I took (direct tracking from Gaia GPS)

  • NOTE: It says 1 mile above due to me taking a longer route at the start and I didn’t stop the track until I got back to my car. So from the recommended trailhead start it is 0.8 miles round trip.

Teacup Lake Map

Curtesy of Gaia GPS © OpenStreetMap

The map above shows the easiest, most direct route, it excludes my wandering from my track.

  • P – Teacup Sno-Park parking area

  • Red dot – (recommended trailhead) where the Snow Park Access Trail starts from parking area (shortest way to lake) Coordinates: 45.32026, -121.62316

  • Orange dot – building and board with map of ski trails

  • Pink highlight – route

My Wild Adventure is not responsible for your safety, any possible injury, or anything that happens if you choose to follow anything on this website. Maps are not intended to be used for navigational purposes, but to give an overview of the route taken. By going outdoors you are solely responsible to know your strengths and limitations, be aware of current conditions and proceed with the appropriate caution. My Wild Adventure is not responsible for your choices and the outcome. Reference my disclaimer for more information on being responsible outdoors.

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