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Catalpa Lake

Updated: Jun 17

A beautiful, tucked away lake in Mount Hood National Forest.

Catalpa Lake

Lake Name: Catalpa Lake Lake Coordinates: 45.2256, -121.6369 Lake Elevation: 4100′ Access: Trail Distance: 1.96 miles (round trip) Elevation Range: 3987′ to 4209′ Ascent/Descent: +171 ft / -123 ft

Trail Type: In and out

Trail: Catalpa Lake Trail #535 Outing Type: Day hike

Permits/Fees: None

Note: There is no signage at the trailhead.

Location: Near FS 2610-250 in Mt Hood Wilderness in Mount Hood National Forest, Oregon, U.S.A.

Administration: Mount Hood National Forest

Ranger District: Hood River Ranger District

Wilderness Area: Mt Hood Wilderness

Date Accessed: October 27, 2020

V in road

The road came to a V where it appeared the trailhead started on my maps. The road to the right continued a few hundred feet and then dead-ended. The trail started at the end of the dead-end. There were no signs that marked the trailhead.

We parked and then layered up. We started on our hike. Within just a few hundred feet of the trailhead the trail V’d. The Catalpa Lake trail continued to the left. The trail was flattish, then it gradually climbed uphill a bit. There was frost on the ground and a few frozen spots. The trail dropped down to Green Lake Creek crossing. It was lightly trickling and very easy to cross. There were signs with the creek name and a sign saying Mt Hood Wilderness.

The trail on the other side of the creek gently climbed uphill for a ways. Then the trail gently went slightly uphill and downhill until right before we got to the lake. We passed through some dead forest, lots of downed trees and not much ground cover. The trail wrapped around the right side of the lake. It doesn’t fully loop around.

Green Lake Creek crossing

The water was really pretty and I was surprised the lake wasn’t even starting to ice over. There were 2 campsite areas along the lake. The trail ended at the start of the rock slide. The best view of the lake was from there. I was surprised with how pretty the water was, it was a little light blue with a hint of green.

I wasn’t feeling very good most of the hike. I hadn’t slept well and was nauseous most of the day because of that. We hiked out and it was a nice short outing. I’d definitely label it as an easy hike terrain wise.

Campsite area


  • Where I parked: 45.21820, -121.63154

  • Start of trail: 45.21863, -121.63253

  • Trail intersection (stay left): 45.21868, -121.63262

  • Green Lake Creek crossing: 45.21977, -121.63544

  • First view of lake at edge: 45.22598, -121.63612

  • Campsite area #1: 45.22641, -121.63683

  • Campsite area #2: 45.22640, -121.63731

  • End of trail & great view of lake: 45.22603, -121.63769


How to get there (from Sandy, OR)



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