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Hideaway Lake

Updated: Apr 19

A quiet lake with a small campground in Mount Hood National Forest.

Hideaway Lake

Lake Name: Hideaway Lake Lake Coordinates: 45.1217, -121.9676 Lake Elevation: 3800′ Access: Drive up Note: Supposedly there is a trail around the lake, but I wasn’t able to easily follow it after a certain point.

Permits/Fees: Campground fee during open season

Location: Near Forest Road 5830 in Mount Hood National Forest, Oregon, U.S.A.

Administration: Mount Hood National Forest

Ranger District: Clackamas River Ranger District Date accessed: 11-16-19

I went to Hideaway Lake twice in the span of two weeks. Both times I went I was amazed at how beautiful the lake was. It felt so still and somewhat ominous, but in a good way. The first time I went there was fog across the lake and the second time it was a beautiful sunny day where you could see everything in the water as well as the reflection of everything surrounding the lake in it. The lake had a pretty greenish color.

Both times I went I saw salamanders in the water. They were rather cute little guys. I walked along the shore on the part that stretches next to the campground. Both times I went I was the only person there. There’s an 8-site campground next to the lake. One campsite in particular has an incredible view right next to the lake.

The Hideaway Lake Campground is “open” through the summer, which is when you have to pay to camp there.

How to get there (from Sandy, Oregon)



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