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Enid Lake

Updated: Apr 28

A small pond-like lake near Government Camp, Oregon in Mount Hood National Forest.

Lake Name: Enid Lake Lake Coordinates: 45.3056, -121.7759 Lake Elevation: 3648′ Access: Trail Distance: 0.3 miles (round trip) Ascent/Descent: +41 ft / -51 ft Trail Type: In and out Trails: Crosstown Trail #755 Note: Enid Lake looks more like a pond than a lake.

Location: Near Government Camp in Mount Hood National Forest, Oregon, U.S.A.

Administration: Mount Hood National Forest

Ranger District: Zigzag Ranger District Date Accessed: 6-18-20

The road to the trailhead is a little tricky to not miss. It’s the road directly opposite from the turn off for the Mirror Lake trailhead. I parked at the Glacier View Sno-Park/Trailhead. There isn’t much parking available and the road continuing on is gated. It looked more like an inner city park kind of hike than an undisturbed wilderness kind of hike.

I took the Crosstown Trail #755 and ended up coming across the lake sooner than I expected. There was a little off trail that went to the lake’s edge. It was only 0.15 miles one-way. It looked more like a swampy pond to me. Someone ended up coming up right behind me with their dog, so I took some pictures and left. There were multiple mountain bikes that passed me. I personally think it would be a more fun mountain biking trail than hiking trail.

Supposedly on a clear day one can see Mt Hood (the top of it) on the other side of the lake. There were some clouds in the sky blocking the view when I went.

How to get there (from Sandy, OR)



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