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Lily Pad Lake

Updated: Apr 28

A small, marshy, secluded lake in Mount Hood National Forest.

Lake Name: Lily Pad Lake Lake Coordinates: 44.9354, -122.1148 Lake Elevation: 4023′ Access: Drive up (almost a bushwhack since the lake can’t be seen from road) Note: The lake is a few hundred feet off the road and isn’t seen right off. It could be easy to get turned around in the forest. There is no evident animal trails or any other trails to the lake.

Location: Near Bull of the Woods Wilderness in Mount Hood National Forest

Administration: Mount Hood National Forest

Ranger District: Clackamas River Ranger District Date Accessed: 8-7-20

The lake isn’t easily visible from the road, but it’s pretty close, just hidden. We actually had a bit of a hard time finding the lake. We came up to a brushy, dense area where we thought the lake might be and maybe it was just try a wet time of year. We explored a bit more and came out to a meadow. The ground was damp. Across the meadow was the lake. It was covered on the edges with lily pads. The name is definitely fitting. Since the meadow was spongy, I couldn’t walk to the lake’s edge.

I was in awe when I saw the lake. It was really striking – the meadow, the lake and the dense green brush climbing up the hill next to the lake. The green colors were incredible. Pictures really don’t do this lake justice!


  • Road coordinates (where to pull off): 44.93540, -122.11618

  • Place in woods where lake is visible: 44.93527, -122.11535


How to get there (from Estacada, OR)



The map above shows the approximate route I took. I had a hard time finding the lake.

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