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Peaks List

A list of all the peaks I've bagged and their corresponding posts.

It's only in recent years that I've started peak bagging intentionally. I've done hikes to peaks my whole life and have discovered I really enjoy bagging peaks along with lakes. I'm not a big fan of exposure or higher classes of scrambling so I tend to do peaks that don't include too much of that. I prefer off trail and route finding instead. I have done mountaineering and do enjoy snow travel, but it isn't my main focus with peaks. I've focused mainly on peaks in PNW in recent years. Below you can find reports on different peaks I've bagged by list or map.


  • A great resource for find peaks and getting up-to-date information is Peakbagger.

  • For planning routes CalTopo & GaiaGPS have been very useful.

  • Online forms like WTA, OregonHikers, and even sometimes AllTrails can be helpful with trip reports.

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