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Fivemile Butte

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

A drivable, easy peak-bag in Mount Hood National Forest.
Fivemile Butte
Looking back down road near peak

Peak Name: Fivemile Butte Peak Coordinates: 45.410502, -121.470852 (via Peakbagger) Peak Elevation: 4644′ Access: Drive up; Easy walk a few feet off road Note: The “peak” coordinates is in between the two roads that go along the top of the butte. The road to the right goes to the lookout tower and the road to the left goes to a trail. Date: 5-11-21

I was exploring some new-to-me forest service roads. I was impressed with how far I was able to get and the roads were mostly clear of snow with the elevation I was at. The east side of Mt Hood seems to be drier and the snow melts faster than the south and west sides of the mountain. I was looking at my map and recognized the name of a peak that was on my list to bag, so I decided to try and reach it.

The roads were in good condition and the gate to the lookout tower was open. We drove to the top of the butte. The peak isn’t at the lookout tower it’s on the road before reaching the lookout tower. I got of the car and walked a few feet off the road to the peak coordinates. There was a mound of rocks nearby I also checked out. This was one of the easiest peak summits, besides just driving up, I’ve ever done.

There was a partial view of Mt Hood from the peak. Along one of the roads that was on top of the butte I could see Mt Rainier, Mt Adams, and Mt St Helens. It was a fun and easy excursion. It looked like there was someone at the lookout tower so we didn’t go to it.

How to get there (from Government Camp, OR)



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