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Buckhorn Overlook

Updated: Apr 21

An incredible overlook with views of Hells Canyon and into Idaho.

Peak Name: Flag Point

Peak Coordinates: 45.75381, -116.822863

Peak Elevation: 5331'

Access: Drive up

Note: Has some of the best views of Hells Canyon in my opinion.

Date: 08-26-23 (and previously 8-20-23)

Buckhorn Overlook is one of the most beautiful overlooks I've been to. The views of Hells Canyon are breathtaking and every time I've gone there hasn't been another group of people there. This overlook requires about 75 miles of driving from Enterprise mostly on graveled forest service roads. So it's quite the trek and definitely requires a map to navigate. I think Hells Canyon is one of the most underrated canyons in the United States. I've been to the Grand Canyon before. What makes Hells Canyon so special is it's remoteness, lack of people, and it being so unknown.

Picnic lunch - 2023

The first time I went to this lookout was to see the sunrise on my 21st birthday back in 2020. I'd been car camping and traveling around the Wallowas and my grandma's husband told me about this lookout. The sunrise was incredible and I wanted to, at some point, take the rest of my family to see the views.

Fast forward to summer of 2023 and the majority of my family came to Enterprise, Oregon to visit my grandma and her husband. We all decided to take a day and go to the overlook. We packed a lunch and got to eat there. We stopped at Red Hill Lookout and Teepee Pond on the way there. My dad got stung by a yellow jacket while we were eating lunch. The yellow jackets have been insane this year. A large thunderstorm was starting to move in toward the end of our lunch which was rather cool.

Sunrise at Overlook - August 2020

How to get there (from Enterprise, OR)


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