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Steamboat Lake

A more remote lake in Gifford Pinchot National Forest.

Lake Name: Steamboat Lake

Lake Coordinates: 46.1302, -121.7156

Lake Elevation: 4022'

Access: Drive up

Note: FS 8854 & FS 8854-040 can require high clearance vehicles.

Date: 8-20-23

Accessing Steamboat Lake was a fun adventure on bumpy and narrow back roads. This lake was very pretty. From the small parking lot there was a log with the top sawed off you would walk out on to the edge of the lake. The wildfire smoke was pretty hazy, but we were still able to see the other end of the lake. There was only one other person we saw at the lake.

Ever since I was a kid, I always thought lakes with lily pads were so cool. This lake passes that kid test. There were lily pads and some marshy areas. This would be a fun lake to kayak or canoe. The Forest Service marks this area as light usage, so more than likely there won't be many people.


There is a trail from Steamboat Lake that connects with the PCT. The forest service website only has a page for the trail, not the lake. It was the only source online I was able to find that mentions the lake.

How to get there (from Trout Lake, WA)



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