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Big Mosquito Lake

Updated: 3 days ago

A large lake perfect for kayaking in Gifford Pinchot National Forest.

Lake Name: Big Mosquito Lake

Lake Coordinates: 46.1280, -121.7594

Lake Elevation: 3892'

Access: Drive up

Permits/Fees: None

Note: There is one boat launch/access area for this lake. It is best explored by water. There is a Little Mosquito Lake near by, but it is only accessible via the PCT.

Location: Near FS 8851 in Gifford Pinchot National Forest, Washington, U.S.A.

Administration: Gifford Pinchot National Forest

Ranger District: Mount Adams Ranger District

Date Accessed: August 20, 2023

I was curious if there would be tons of mosquitos at a lake named Big Mosquito Lake and I wasn't disappointed — they were plentiful. There is one access point for this lake called "Mosquito Lakes Boating Site." The forest service website notes this as a light usage area, good for fishing and water activities such as canoeing. With the way the lake is shaped, the boating site area doesn't give a view of the whole lake, only an inlet of it. It would best be explored by water. We only drove to the boating site area briefly. I'd love to come back to this lake and explore it by kayak. From the bit that was visible, it was very pretty. This is definitely on my list of places to revisit and explore in depth.

How to get there (from Trout Lake, WA)



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