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My Favorite Places to Eat in Thailand

Updated: Apr 19

Street food stall in Bangkok

Eating vegetarian definitely cuts down the food options in Thailand significantly (especially for street food), but it’s doable. The one thing you can almost always find is a veggie stir-fry, but after a while it can get pretty old. On some islands, like Koh Lanta and Koh Phangan, there are actually quite a few vegan restaurants with variety.

Food in the cities like Bangkok and Chiang Mai are considerably cheaper than food on the islands because there is street food. For a hearty meal on Koh Phangan we spent 380 baht ($12.32) for two people. The cheapest meal we got was in Bangkok at the trail station which was 40 baht ($1.29) for two people. The average cost for a meal in Chiang Mai was around $5 for two people or less, while on Koh Yao Noi we payed almost $8 for a pasta for just one person. You can find less expensive meal options most of the time, but there is a large price difference between cheap on the islands and cheap in the cities. Just something to be aware of when budgeting for food.

Something to note is the probability of getting sick is more likely in a western style restaurant in Thailand, then in eating the street food. We took charcoal every day to help prevent any upset stomach. We ended up at some of the places we ate just not looking at how or where the food was being made. We just sort of closed our eyes and prayed we wouldn’t get sick.

I didn’t plan on making a post like this when I went to Thailand. If I had, the pictures would have been a lot better. So bear with me with the quick iPhone pictures I took.

Bangkok Train Station - Food Court

Food: Rice & veggie stirfry

Cost: 20 baht per plate (40 baht total; $1.29 USD)

The best stir fry I had was in the train station in Bangkok. It was in the cafeteria type looking area of the train station. There was no name, but it was one of the best veggie stir fry’s I had in Thailand. We had to purchase tickets for 40 baht at a little stand, then we went up to the food counter and got the rice and veggie stir fry. Sadly we were so hungry we didn’t take any pictures of the food, but I have a picture of the train station that shows the food court sign above.

Fruit Street Stands

Be Beez Cafe & Guest House

Food: Yellow Curry

Cost: 75 baht; $2.43 (for 2 curries 150 baht; $4.86)

The best yellow curry I had in Thailand was here. My Dad and I both liked it so much we came back a few times. I discovered yellow curry isn’t very common in Thailand because it is a cross between Indian and Thai curry. So it’s more difficult to find. The main difference in the yellow curry in Thailand from the U.S. is that it has more of a turmeric taste and less coconut milk (like in the U.S.). It’s still really good, just be aware that it’s a little different.

Crusty Loaf Bakery

Street Stalls/Markets

Place that had Italian Soda

Sabai Corner

Food: Spaghetti

Cost: 220 baht ($7.14)

The food on Koh Yao Noi was by far the most expensive food we had. If both of us got a plate of pasta it was $14.27. That cost is more in line with how much it costs to eat in the U.S. There weren’t many options, so we had to eat what was there. The pasta was incredible though and the lady that owned the restaurant and bungalows was very nice.

Green Coffee Shop

Veed View

Food: Strawberry pineapple shake

Cost: 85 baht

Veeds View had one of my favorite fruit shakes. I went there multiple times just for it! My Dad tried their green curry and thought it was good. I’m not a huge fan of green curry personally.

It was on the pricier side for a fruit shake, but it was so delicious it was worth it. Plus it’s right on the beach and we watched the sunset while we ate a couple of nights. All the pictures I took of my drink were blurry so here’s a low quality picture of my Dad and I at the restaurant above.

Two Scoops Gelato

Koh Samui

Imchai ThaiFood

Food: Fried spring rolls, fruit shakes

Cost: 120 baht ($3.89) — I can’t remember the cost of the fruit shakes. It was between 55-70 baht if I’m remembering right.

Imchai has the best fried spring rolls for your buck. Plus they are delicious! They were the best spring rolls I have ever had. I also discovered the best sweet and sour sauce. I’ve never been a big fan of sweet and sour sauce, but I discovered a spicy version. You definitely should give it a try, it will change fried spring rolls forever. They had really good fruit shakes too. Strawberry is my favorite flavor, quickly followed by pineapple.

French Bakery & La Fabrique French Bakery

Doppio Coffee

Food: Carmel Machiatto Cinnamon Roll, Strawberry shake

Cost: 195 baht ($6.32) *I can’t remember the prices individually but that’s the total for both.

Doppio Coffee was one of my favorite places on Koh Phangan. I discovered one of the most delicious and unique cinnamon rolls. I like to think of myself as a cinnamon roll expert. The name might throw you off a bit, but it is freaking delicious. There isn’t a coffee taste to it, just carmely goodness. I loved the thickness of the strawberry shake they made. I was able to ask for mine to just have sugar added and no dairy.


Loccos PizzaBar

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