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8 Apps for Travel in Thailand

Updated: Apr 28

A guide to the most helpful apps on my trip to Thailand in 2019.

Thailand Apps

Here are some of the apps I had on my phone when I traveled to Thailand that we found very helpful. My dad and I both brought our iPhones, but we didn’t unlock them to use with a SIM card. Instead we brought an old iPhone that was unlocked and still worked. We bought a SIM in Thailand for that, but ended up barely using the phone.

The few times we used it for was to call a tour company that we were using on whatever given day. We ended up just using for navigation on my iPhone (which was in airplane mode) and occasionally would use the iPhone with the SIM for that, but once I discovered I could see where we were without needed cellular data I just used my phone. I’m glad we had a phone with a SIM for the few times we really needed to use it, but we definitely didn’t use it as much as I thought we were going to.

*We bought the SIM card at MBK Mall in Bangkok. We got a 30-day SIM with 15GB of data for 400 baht ($12.97). We didn’t even come close to using all of that. was a life saver app! It’s free and can be used without cellular data or Wi-Fi. It was great for navigating to places we wanted to go and finding places to eat. We used it for navigating on our motorbike, finding our Airbnb from the back of a taxi, and when we were walking to different places. We could pin places we wanted to go to or went to. We could just follow by moving the map as we went or plug in a location and have it guide us to it. There was a blue dot that would show us where we were. All you have to do is download the app and download the map for the country you are going to. We didn’t have to pay for anything. This was the most valuable resource we had. It was very easy to use once I got the hang of it. (OS)

Currency – Simple Converter


Learn Thai & Thai by Nemo

Google Maps

Airline Apps

Google Drive and/or Apple Books

Bonus: Banking Apps

Above I listed apps that were useful for our experience, navigation, or communication. I didn’t include entertainment in that.


Here’s an idea of some different entertainment apps that I used:

  • Apple Music

  • Apple TV

  • Apple Podcasts

  • Kindle (I actually own a Kindle Paperwhite so I brought that on the trip)

  • Audible (I used this a lot!)

  • Prime Video

  • Netflix

  • Simple Habit (meditation app I use)

What I would add on to that now: Disney+ and Amazon Music (since that’s what I use now).

Note: all of the entertainment apps listed above have the ability to download things to listen/read/watch offline. Most require purchases or subscriptions.

Random, fun app: been

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