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Granite Basin Lake

Updated: Jun 18

A smaller reservoir situated below Granite Mountain near Prescott, Arizona.

Lake Name: Granite Basin Lake

Lake Coordinates: 34.61712, -112.54940

Lake Elevation: 5577'

Access: Drive up

Notes: Easy drive up access. Parking around lake area costs $5.

Date Accessed: September 3, 2021

We'd gone on vacation with some family member in Sedona. My mom and I decided to drive around some of Arizona before heading to Phoenix, AZ for our flight back to Oregon. We drove through Prescott, AZ and I saw some mountains in the distance that looked pretty. I ended up looking them up on my maps and seeing a lake we could drive up to and get a feel for the landscape of the area. It was a fun, spontaneous adventure.

The road was paved almost the whole way there and the area looked well used and maintained. There were some areas with warnings of being impassible during flash floods which was interesting to see. There were a few trailhead parking areas around the lake. It appeared to be a reservoir. Note: there is day use parking fees at all the parking areas.

The lake was small, but pretty. It surprisingly had a lot of colorful plants surrounding it and growing from the water, adding to its beauty. I don't think it's a lake I'll be desperate to come back to but it was fun to explore and check it off as having been to it.

We didn't have tons of time to explore so I only got out of the car for a few minutes to take pictures before we continued on our way, but there is a trail to the top of a peak behind the lake that I want to eventually come back and do. The trail is called Granite Mountain Trail #261. It looks to be about an 8 mile hike round trip - a rough estimate.


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