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Winter Hike on FS 1825

Updated: 4 days ago

A winter hike on a snowed in forest service road in Mount Hood National Forest.

FS 1825

Route: Snow Covered Road (FS 1825 – Muddy Fork Rd)

Route Type: Snow covered road, in and out

Access: Road walk Distance: 1.32 miles (round trip) Elevation Range: 1985′ to 2095′ Ascent/Descent: +77 ft / -66 ft

Outing Type: Day hike

Winter Activity Options: Snowshoeing

Permits/Fees: None

Note: Depending on the snow levels will depend whether the first part of FS 1825 that goes to the bridge (starting point) is accessible.

Location: On FS 1825 in Mount Hood National Forest, Oregon, U.S.A.

Administration: Mount Hood National Forest

Ranger District: Zigzag Ranger District

Date Accessed: March 11, 2021

Some days I don’t feel up for much during the winter, but if it’s a good day I like to get out and go hiking, even if I’m hurting a bit and fatigued. Some days I’m able to go a decent distance and other days it’s just a mile or two. Even if I’m not up for much physical exertion and the hike is short, it still does my mind and body well to get out.

My mom and I decided to go for a drive. I wanted to hike at either my winter training trail or hike up the road that leads to the Ramona Falls trailhead. Only a week before we had a huge winter storm pass through. So I decided to hike the road to Ramona since it was “flat” and would be easier to follow in the snow than the narrow unkept trail I usually hike that quickly gains in elevation.

Lolo Pass Road didn’t have snow on it, but when we reached the turn off for FS 1825 there were tire ruts where other cars had driven in the snow. The snow was deep enough it was close to scraping the bottom of the car. We made it 0.8 miles to the turn off for the bridge where FS 1825 continues. We parked on the edge of the road before the bridge. There was one other car parked there.

We hiked across the bridge which was covered in snow and then continued down the road. There was a good 3 feet of packed snow. We were able to walk in it without snowshoes or micro-spikes. We got to see a few brief glimpses of the mountain. It was a partly sunny day and the sky was a rich blue. It was so pretty. We hiked up the road and explore the entrance to the McNeil Campground. We continued further up FS 1825.

A glimpse of Mt Hood

I was getting worn out. After reaching 0.75 miles and close to half hour, I decided to turn around and head back. I was surprised that it was easier hiking back in the snow. Turns out there was a slight incline when we were heading up the road. It wasn’t very noticeable but my body noticed. It was a lot faster hiking out. Some dark grey clouds started to roll in from the south and we heard some thunder. We easily made it back to the car before the clouds caught up with us. We ended up hiking 1.32 miles and was out for almost 45 minutes. Even though I wasn’t out as long as I wanted, it was enough.


  • Parking: 45.38436, -121.87241

  • McNeil Campground turnoff: 45.38370, -121.86804

  • Where I turned around on road: 45.38481, -121.86227


How to get there (from Sandy, OR)



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