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Tillamook Rock Lighthouse Loop

A short hike to viewpoints of Tillamook Rock Lighthouse and Cannon Beach.

Route Name: Tillamook Rock Lighthouse Loop (according to AllTrails)

Access: Trail

Distance: 0.43 miles round-trip

Elevation Range: 108' to 202'

Ascent/Descent: +105 ft /-89 ft

Trail Type: Loop

Outing Type: Day Hike

Permits/Fees: $5 parking fee for Ecola State Park

Notes: This is a popular viewpoint, likely there will be other people around.

Location: Ecola Point, Ecola State Park, Oregon, U.S.A.

Administration: Ecola State Park

Date Accessed: 5-4-24

The first parking area in Ecola State Park has some short trails that lead to viewpoints of Tillamook Rock Lighthouse and southward down the coast toward Cannon Beach. The viewing deck at Ecola Point no longer exists due to erosion and a few of the viewpoint trails are closed due to erosion and the hazards that caused. So we hiked the trails that were open. It was a very rainy and windy day when we went. The viewpoint to the south has a great view of Crescent Beach and, due to the rain, had an impressive waterfall coming out of Waterfall Creek.

Tillamook Rock Lighthouse

On the west side we went to the viewpoint for Tillamook Rock Lighthouse, but with the direction of the wind and the intense gusts it was difficult to even look in that direction. I was able to take a few pictures but being pelted by wind and rain definitely made it a challenge. With better weather I think this viewpoint would be more enjoyable. I think this is the most accessible view of Tillamook Rock Lighthouse, but I think the best view comes from the viewpoint on the Clatsop Loop Trail further into Ecola State Park which requires more hiking.


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