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Elk Lake

A lake with a resort and multiple water recreation opportunities in Deschutes National Forest.

Lake Name: Elk Lake

Lake Coordinates: 43.97383, -121.80369

Lake Elevation: 4895'

Access: Drive up

Note: There are multiple points of access along the edge of this lake for all sorts of activities.

Date: 9-23-22

I planned on hiking a peak the day I went to this lake, but I woke up flaring and that ended up meaning I had to change my plans. I was pretty disappointed but tried to make the best of it. I decided to explore along the Cascade Lakes Highway and see if there were some lakes I could easily access. That way I could still get out and explore the outdoors without further hurting my already hurting body. There was a fire closure in effect due to a wildfire in the national forest so the road was only open until Lava and Little Lava Lake. I drove past a few lakes and decided to explore Elk Lake and Hosmer Lake first since they were off the same side road.

The day use area I went to had a nice sandy shoreline. The lake felt more upscale since it had a resort on it. With the brief time I was at it it didn't feel like anything special. I'm a fan of finding places that feel wild, unvisited, and hidden. Elk Lake definitely didn't fit that, which is just based off of personal preference.

How to get there (from Bend, OR)


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