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Tumwater Falls

A series of falls in the Deschutes River near Olympia, Washington.

Upper Tumwater Falls

Waterfall Name: Upper Tumwater Falls

Waterfall Coordinates: 47.01477, -122.90427

Waterfall Elevation: 83'

Waterfall Name: Middle Tumwater Falls

Waterfall Coordinates: 47.01663, -122.90455

Waterfall Elevation: 100'

Access: Trail

Distance: 1.03 miles (round trip)

Elevation Range: 36' to 112'

Ascent/Descent: +58 ft /-66 ft

Note: When I've done this hike, part of the loop trail has been closed due to a washout of the trail. So I did as a fish-hook type in-and-out hike.

Location: Tumwater Falls Park, Tumwater, Washington, U.S.A.

Date Accessed: 12-31-23 & 4-26-23

I've done this hike a couple times throughout the years when I've come up to Olympia, WA, to visit my aunt & uncle or cousins. It's a nice inner city park with well maintained trails.

There's a parking area at Brewery Park at Tumwater Falls. We parked there and then walked past the hatchery to reach the paved trails that lead to Upper Tumwater Falls. The trail goes right along side it, and there's a bridge just a bit downstream that has good views of the falls, too. We hiked down the west side of the river. The trail is so pretty with lots of ferns and greenery along the way. It leads down to another bridge that passes above Middle Tumwater Falls. It's a pretty cool bridge. On the west side before the bridge, there's a path down to a concrete platform near the base of the falls. I forgot to take a picture when I hiked down last time.

View of upper falls from bridge

On the other side of the bridge, the trail wraps back toward the upper falls. But we weren't able to complete the whole loop due to a section being closed from a washout on the trail. So, we backtracked the way we came. It created a fish-hook type shape. This is a pretty easy hike, and there are usually other people around.

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