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Long-Weekend Trip to the Canadian Rockies

Updated: Jan 14

A five day road trip to Banff National Park in Canada during August of 2018.

Lake Moraine

I’ve dreamed of going and see Lake Moraine since I was 13. I came across a picture of the opaque blue water and towering mountains surrounding the lake. I instantly fell in love and wanted to see it for myself. Six years later I finally made it happen.


Day 1: Drive halfway to Banff National Park (Merritt, B.C.)

Smoke from the fires

We started our adventure after Luke, my cousin, got off work. We drove half way to Banff and spent the night in Merritt, B.C. The smoke was really bad, especially after we crossed the border into Canada. Everything looks so eerie and almost sci-fi/apocalyptic. It was my first time in Canada. Luke had been before, but it was a first time for both of us driving with km/h. It was a little unnerving at first, since the gauge on the truck for km sucks. We had to covert km into mph so that we weren’t accidentally going 15 mph above or below the speed limit due to the gauge. It was really interesting how French is the language on everything along with English. At least with Spanish in the U.S. I have an idea of how to pronounce different things. I couldn’t even try.

Day 2: Drive the rest of the way to Banff National Park

Day 3: Icefield Parkway, Lake Louise, & Lake Moraine

Day 4: Buffalo Mountain Cafe, City of Banff, Drive Halfway home (Merritt. B.C.)

Day 5: Drive home




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